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SAVING - the good habit.........

Recent trends have indicated that we have become a nation of savers rather than spenders!

In the good old days of the Celtic Tiger where credit was so plentiful and easily accessible we spent, spent, spent.............

Now the economic downturn has forced us all to look at our own situations individually and has made us more prudent (have a look at my blog on 16th January).

For all of us now we have to have a nest egg, a bit put by, which we can rely on to help us through difficult times in the future so that we are not caught short! Call it an emergency fund for the rainy day!

The last time we had this focused savings environment was in the halcyon days of the SSIA, which proved to be a resounding success although government assisted! So, whether you want to build up a lump sum for yourself, or give your children a flying start in life - by putting a little away each month you might be surprised just how soon you can achieve that goal.

 For example, if you were to invest say €200 for 12 months you would have €2,400 in a year. If you disciplined yourself to do this for say 5 years...... you would have saved €12,000! And remember that's before you factor in any potential growth on your investment.

Here are some tips to help you get started.......

1. SET YOURSELF A GOAL - It's vitally important  to know what you're saving for or the amount you're trying to achieve. It will keep you focused and reward you in the end.

2. KEEP LONG-TERM SAVING SEPARATE - Before you set up your savings plan, ensure you have an emergency fund in place so that you are not tempted to 'dip into' your long term savings for things like a service on your car!

3. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN SAVING - Take control of building up that lump sum yourself, because unless you win the lottery, no one else will do it for you.

4. MAKE A HABIT OF IT - So often we think we can't afford to save! Once you've started you'll soon get used to it and before long you might not even notice that regular saving amount going out each month.

5. SIT BACK AND WATCH YOUR SAVINGS GROW - Check your savings regularly, but remember, depending on how your money is invested, that the value will rise and fall. The important thing is to 'keep a level head', save for the long term and make sure you review your plan annually with your own personal financial adviser.....this is key to future success of your savings plan.


This is one of the services we provide which can help to give you a better lifestyle. Please have a look at the rest of the services we offer or for further financial advice contact Alasdair at 01 810 1912 or via

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